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Recreational Classes


Our recreational dance program provides students exposure to several different genres of dance.  Our dancers participate in classes specializing in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, and Acro.  Dancers are introduced to a variety of dance movements, vocabulary, and proper technique.  Each recreational class is fun and upbeat with age-appropriate content.  All of our recreational classes perform at our annual spring recital.

Technique Classes


Technique classes are assigned by age and skill level.  These are open classes for students who are serious about furthering their dance training.  These classes will not participate in the recital.  

Competition Team


First and foremost, we are a TEAM. While the advanced technical skills and accolades that come along with competition team are important, they do not outweigh the value of working towards a common goal and camaraderie with the team.  The team is a 1 year commitment and is the best option for dedicated dancers that want to see improvement in their dancing. The OEDC competitive dance team is available for ages 4-18. 

Tiny Tots (2 - 3 year olds)

The two to three year old class will include: exercises to develop coordination, flexibility, learning to take simple instructions and work together as a group, taking turns and developing a longer attention span as we go through the year. We use a variety of preschool music and very basic dance movements. They learn basic dance steps, ballet terms and steps, positions. Creative movement will also be a part of the class, it helps develop a love for music and dance and creativity. It’s a very important part of their dance training and develops confidence and performance skills. Tiny Tots Dance class is 30 minutes per week.

Bitty Bellas & Beaus, (ages 4 - 6)

Ballet and tap are offered to this age group. Each section is 30 minutes, totaling 1 hour per week.

Little Ladies & Gents, (ages 7-18)

Ballet (1.5 -hour classes)

Hip-hop (30-minute classes)

Technique (1.5 -hour classes)

Combo / Improv (30-minute classes)

Leaps & Turns  (1-hour classes)

Dance Team Technique (1 - hour class)

Adult Tap Classes

Coming Fall 2024

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